Mental Calculation World Cup 2018

Wolfsburg, Germany, 28-30 September 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take part in the contest?
Everyone who is a very good calculator. The number of participants is limited to 40. If more people register for the event, the organizer reserves the right to select the participants who qualify.

Which age groups are in the contest?
There are no age groups - all participants are in the same contest. In fact, the Mental Calculation World Cup is not a contest for young students only (although children have participated successfully in the past). Younger calculators may consider to register for the Junior Championships (one week before MCWC in Bielefeld). Of course, it is possible to take part in both events.

How do I register?
Please send the registration form until 1 June. Please document your achievements in mental calculation, memory or maths competitions. In addition, please send us your results achieved with the Memoriad software. These results must have been achieved in front of a witness who should be in a responsible position - for example a teacher or a journalist. This person should document the results on a separate signed letter. The number of participants is limited to 40, therefore we need this information to select the qualified participants.

Can I send the application form by e-mail?
If you did not take part in any MCWC contest in previous years, you have to send the application form by airmail.. For all other correspondence, e-mail will be welcome.
Previous MCWC participants can send the application form by e-mail as well. However, they may also consider to send additioinal documentation about previous mental calculation results in order to qualify.

When will I know whether I am qualified?
The deadline for registrations is 1 June. The qualified participants will be announced around 10 June.

Is there an entry fee? Any other costs?
The participants will not have to pay an entry fee and they will not receive a payment for their participation.
All travel and accomodation costs have to be paid by the participants. Also, accompanying persons have to pay for taking part in the social events.

Can I take part in a selection of the categories only?
Although we strongly recommend to take part in all categories, taking part in a selection of the categories only is possible.

Will the tasks have to be solved by means of a computer program or using pen and paper?
MCWC is a paper-based contest. Please read the rules to understand how it works.

Is it allowed to write down intermediate results?
No, this is strictly forbidden. The contest is for straightforward mental calculation.

What are the rules for the contest?
The challenge is to solve as many tasks as possible in the given time. However, the most basic rule is: "correct calculations are more important than speed." You can find detailed information about the rules in the "Rules" file that can be downloaded on the "general information" page.