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03-12-03: JaKe: Woodstick 2004 is Coming!
most drummers playing a drumset simultaneously

06-11-02: Become the new Guiness Book of World Records loudest snorer

20-09-02: Jeff Wills: Press Release/FYI: World's Fastest Human 2002 Speed Challenge, Sept 30 - 0ct 5, Nevada USA

19-07-02: Dan Meyer: Sword Swallowers,
World Record Mass Sword Swallow

02-07-02: Peter Dawson: Kiting mega-team world record,

20-08-01: Malaysia works on record-size flag, banner
Malaysian records

20-12-00: Rick Nelson: Re: Car longevity

11-12-00: Steve Nuss: Now More Roller Coasters Than Anywhere on the Planet!,

11-12-00: Mele kalikimaki: Beatles 1 Fastest Seller Record!,

12-05-00: Debi Paxton: Challenge to World Record for Canoes and Kayaks - June 17, 2000 Austin TX,

13-03-00: The biggest, the best, the first -- Malaysia's mania for records,

18-01-00: rdavis: SCR World Record @ Skydive Houston,

26-11-99: Walter Day: $100,000 Prize Offered to Pac-Man Players,

02-11-99: David G. Miles jr.: Inline Skating World Records Fall in San Francisco,

24-05-99: marathons on every continent,

02-05-99: Johnny Hopper: EJC98 World Record Certificate,
Mass Juggling Record

01-04-99: David Hamburger: WWoRRCN: Enthusiasts found cheating in bid for Coaster Record,

23-01-99: William Tunstall-Pedoe: Re: Longest single word anagrams in English language,

11-01-99: Donald M. Anderson: the most toxic marine plant,

14-12-98: daddy: Malaysia Guinness Books of World Records
Guinness Records in Malaysia - Waste of Time and Money?

01-10-98: Bob Givens: Up & Down-down under
24 hrs stair climbing marathon record

26-09-98: DavTek: Guinness awards 'worlds oldest cat',

10-09-98 Alex Bunkenburg: world's tallest home grown cactus,

04-09-98 B. B. Bean: Kenny G no longer biggest blow hard (no Monica jokes, please)
longest note held by a saxophone player

24-08-98 John Schmidt: Re: Highest Mileage Vehicle?,

06-08-98 Silas Warner: Re: Bus Overcrowding,

18-05-98 Olivier.Devue: Gathering of more than 1048 Saxophonists,

11-04-98 Tomoyuki Tanaka: (NYT) Boy, 10, Is Youngest Chess Master, Vaulting Past His Brother,

10-04-98 Ted Ansley: Re: Roller Coaster Marathon
does not qualify as a record, because the rest breaks were too long

09-04-98 Brian Rezac: Big Brew '98 Rules & Regulations
Big Brew '98 is the record-setting attempt of the simultaneous brewing of many small homebrew batches of the same beer recipe

30-03-98 Trevor Sommers: ANNOUNCE: The largest ceilidh band in the world?,

04-02-98 F.F. Jacot Guillarmod: rugby fans bid to break world 'roar' record,

14-01-98 EIWA Miles: Non-Stop Steam Locomotive Record,

04-01-98 Re: Nova Scotia Massed Bagpipe Event,

06-12-97 David Mark: Re: Which Bird Most Prevalent?,

05-12-97 Re: New 24 hrs Inline Skating Record Attempt,

03-12-97 Andrei Wittich: Biggest Martial Arts class,

29-11-97 Jim Owens: Most Skydives in a 24 Hour Period,

22-11-97 The Largest Live Performance by a Rock Band,

18-08-97 Simultan Chess Record,

13-08-97 Louis Epstein: The Oldest Person Alive,

03-08-97 Morselli Stefano: Backwards Running in Italy,

01-07-97 David Gomberg: Re: Rules for setting kite records,

25-04-97 Sven Silow: Darts World Records,

11-04-97 Southern RR Club: Guinness Railroad World Records,

25-03-07 Nick Gerlich: RAAM/UMCA records for transcontinental bicycling,

01-02-97 JIS Committee on Numbers Juggling: World records for numbers juggling,

14-01-97 Laserforce: Laserforce- world record holders
lasertag records

19-12-96 David Forsyth: Re: Longest freight train in the U.S.,

14-12-96 Mike Gladu: Re: 24 Hour Bicycle Climbing Records,

01-12-96 David Atherton: Re: fastest guitar player,

29-11-96 Walter Day: National Arcade Contest
video game competitions and records

17-10-96 Barry Nicholson: Materials World Records
material properties: records wanted

15-11-96: Wolfgang Schebeczek: Dice Stacking Records

07-10-96 Milton Blackstone: Help to confirm new Guinness Book Record of oldest person,

01-10-96 Re: ABC news reports 300 way world record in Anapa
biggest parachutist's formation

28-09-96 Stephen: Guinness Book of Records Needs your times!!!
video games records

24-09-96 Solo-Circumnav: Hawaii Sailor 450 Miles from Finish...... ,

15-07-96 Gary Stark: Sooty terms in the Guinness Book of Records - tall tale
a question about the most airborne bird

13-07-96 Dave Stroud: Words, Words, Words...
English record words

08-07-96 Re: High Speed Ejection
about the fastest parachute jump

27-06-96 James Wallis Re: Worst Game Experience
about a Drakes and Dungeons marathon record

25-06-96 Steven Salberg Question about new World Record
establishing rules for the bowling ball juggling record

12-06-96 David Kunst: Deception by the Guinness Book of Records!
protest against deleting FIRSTS in the US Guinness Book

22-05-96 Rodger Morris: Craig Shergold
about the boy who has received the most postcards

23-04-96 Arthur Lewbel JIS Numbers Record Comitee
authority for verifying juggling world records

08-03-96 Kevis S. Wilson New 24 hrs. Snowmobile Record,

28-02-96 John Foss Re: Bunny Hopping Record
an unicycling record

15-01-96 John Foss Unicycling World Records
(does not contain the results from UNICON 1996)

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