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Subject:      Up & Down-down under
From:         Bob Givens
Date:         Thu, 1 Oct 1998 14:51:47 EDT  
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From the wire service (Reuters) at my work this morning.....Thought it was interesting so I'll share it with everybody...word for word..... Sydney - An Australian endurance runner who spent 24 hours pounding up and down stairs is waiting to learn whether or not he has broken a world record. Pat Farmer, 36, spent a whole day running up and down the 87-floor Sydney Tower in pursuit of the world vertical climbing record. Organizers said Farmer covered a total of 101,934 stairrs when his time elapsed on Thursday morning -- smashing the previous record. "No one's really managed to get too far past 40,000 stairs before," promoter David Flaskas said. "He's basically climbed Mount Everestt and back and he's done it for a very worthwhile cause." Faskas said Farmer, who is raising money to combat autism was waiting for confirmation from the Guinness Book of Records that he had set a new world record. He said the existing record was set by a man in Chicago who was allowed to catch a lift to the ground floor each time he reached the top. (end of story) Cheers! Bob Givens (