World Records for Ball Control with Feet, Legs and Head (Keepy-Uppies and Freestyle Football)

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All "keepy uppy" - records in our list are achievements without the ball touching the ground or "resting" it on the top of the foot!

New record claims are welcome! What about a record for two players for successively passing a soccer ball? Can you establish a record for heading a soccer ball while swimming? Or can you break one of the records in our list? Please contact us BEFORE your record attempt.

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Freestyle Football Tricks
Freestyle Football Tricks
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Football (Soccer Ball)

Nikolai Kutsenko (JPG, 6

Medicine Ball

Tennis Ball



Billiard Ball

Swiss Ball

American Football

Polo Ball

Table Tennis Ball

Sepak Takraw Ball

Most touches in one minute: 194 by Aditya Srikakulam (IND) on 21 October 2023 at Namma Sports Bangalore

Speed Ball Control

  • Record for the most touches within 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 10 minutes can be found HERE.
  • The fastest time for removing all "popits" from the Popitball is 11.9 seconds by Jeremy Lynch (Great Britain) on 24 July 2010.

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