The Paper Ship Folding World Record

microships (JPG, 9 kB) - the official microship web site by Peter Koppen,
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Peter Koppen, a bus driver from Munich, is the world record holder for papership folding. He only folds the classic boat (like a hat). He calls them Microships and folds hundreds of them in different colours and then assembles them into collages. Peter Koppen has folded more than 200,000 Microships since 1968.

The Microship Art Gallery:

All these collages are made from hundreds of Microships.

Microship Art 1 (JPG, 7 kB) Microship Art 4 (JPG, 6 kB) Microship Art 2 (JPG, 6 kB)

Microship Art 3 (JPG, 6 kB) Microship Art 5 (JPG, 5 kB)

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