World Records at the 12th Record Festival in La Tour Blanche (France), 25. August 1996

Serge Fougere with new records in olive stone spitting (19,36 m) and prune stone spitting (17,81 m)

Jean-Marie Livonnen threw a pancake from a pan 8.60 m high and caught it in the same pan. He is now record holder in "lancer des crêpes", a discipline which is very popular in France.

The Festival Committee La Tour Blanche has built the largest cork: 3 m high, weighting 600 kg . Unfortunately, there is no bottle for the cork.

Angel Jimenez has built two new wooden record items: a baby chair (3,03 m high) and the largest bilboquet (a French game) which is 2.55 m high.

Philippe Pujolle improved his own record as the fastest noise imitator. Without any aid he reproduced 26 noises (from a locomotive to a great variety of animals) in 12.8 sec.

Jean-François Huette improved his own record for the most chins in one minute (new record: 37).

Roger Sutour has made a 108.91 m long rope using the traditional manual working method.

Daniel Maspeyrot has built the smallest wooden shoe (14 mm long).

Andrè Dubreuilh presented his collection of 1012 cheese packets.

...and our Rekord-Klub SAXONIA presented one of Didi Senft's huge bicycles and the calendar memory record by Ralf Laue.

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