6th SAXONIA Record Festival
24 - 29 September 2001 in Dessau, Germany

Our 6th Record Festival was held in the shopping center Junkers Park in Dessau, Germany. Dessau was a good place for such a festival, and maybe one of our next years' festivals will again be in Dessau.

New World Records

Rainer Drechsler (Germany) presented the world's largest Mikado game. Every mikado was 5.10 m [5 yd 21 in] long. The giant Mikado was used to play a game where the usual rules applied.

Jacek Roszkowski (Poland) used to play basketball in a different way: He scored using his head only. With 17 points in a row he broke the previous world record of 15 which was achieved by Eyal Horn from Israel.

Ralf Laue (Germany) broke a memory record: He successfully recited 32 random binary digits from memory, in the correct order, after the numbers had been flashed up on a screen for only 3 seconds. The previous world record was 30 binary digits, by Gert Mittring. DETAILS.

Gero Hilliger, world's fastest character artist, drew a portrait of a person within 73 seconds - while blindfolded!

Other Performances

Vladimir Sineglasov from Russia made an impressive show with round weights.

Salvatore Sabatino from Italy made 501 balloon animals within one hour.

Ralf Laue also tried to break a second world record: His own record for speed pancake tossing. With about 380 tosses within 2 minutes he failed to break the record which stands at 416.

Annika Gottschall from Dessau has a long way until she will (maybe) break a world record. She wants to make the world's longest gumwrapper chain. Her chain is already 60 m [66 yd] long. However: The record to break is a chain that is more than 11 km [>36,000 ft] long - and still growing.

Falk Lepie from Sandersdorf (Germany) made minature tables and chairs using a chainsaw.

Rainer Drechsler stacked pumpkins to a pile that was more than 2 m [more than 2 yd] tall.

Der Chu-Tan-Cuong from Viet Nam pushed a car using a spear on his throat.

Jindrich Zobl from the Czech Republic is a master of whip cracking. In his shows he is able to hit a cigarette out of his partner's mouth. The record was for doing this trick as often as possible within 3 minutes. For this attempt, the cigarette was substituted by a fixed target of the same size. Unfortunately he failed to break his own world record - by just one hit.


A shopping centre is the ideal place to show also some documentation about world records achieved elsewhere. One part of the display was a gallery of smallest objects: the smallest printed book, the smallest teddy (thanks to Garie Sim from Singapore), the smallest journal, the smallest koran (thanks to Guinness Rishi from India) and the smallest atlas.

Our friends from Pelhrimov in the Czech Republic displayed a "small piece" (about 300 m [330 yd] long) from world's longest scarf which is 158 km [98 mi] long. They also showed a photo gallery with pictures from records broken at their annual record festival in Pelhrimov.

Other interesting objects were submitted by John Turmel from Kanada (who took part in the most elections - and lost every of them) and Les Stewart from Australia who is the record holder for Typing the numbers from 1 to 1,000,000 in words.


Even our moderator was a world record holder: Ralf Schüler has stuffed 23 people into a balloon. In dessau he showed a car into a balloon.

Get Well Soon!

Egon Rusch from Austria who wanted to break the world record for fire eating became ill a few days before the festival. We ope that we can welcome him in one of our next years' events.

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